AA of Akron Documented 50% Success in 1937

The more we learn about early Akron A.A. and its Christian Fellowship founded in 1935, the easier it is to understand why the success rate was so high and the documentation so clear. Much more information has become available with the publication of the earliest group of AA of Akron pamphlets, the interview of Dr. Bob in 1939, the last major address by Bob in 1948, and Bob’s remarks on the stage with Bill Wilson at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Also with the publication of Bill’s autobiography, the When Love is Not Enough biography of Lois, and the biography of Dr. Silkworth. To combine these with other conference approved literature is to round out a picture of Christians meeting daily, Christians in fellowship together, Christians studying the Bible and praying together, Christians bringing others to Christ, Christians breaking bread together, witnessing together and converting others together. There lies a success formula that goes back to the Book of Acts. It is a parallel that Bill, Lois, Bob, the Rockefeller people, and Dr. Silkworth confirmed. To go further into the changing days after 1939 and certainly after Dr. Bob’s death is to move into the field of undocumented and undocumentable speculation. Good article above. I enjoyed it and the comments. http://www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition.com.
Dick B. dickb@dickb.com


About mauihistorian

Uses pen name Dick B.: Writer, Historian, Retired attorney, Bible student, CDAAC, and active and recovered A.A. member with over 25 years of continuous sobriety. Published 42 titles and over 650 articles on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Christian Recovery Movement. www.dickb.com
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