A.A. History: An Opportunity in Vermont to See the Whole AA Roots Picture

At Last! An Opportunity to See A.A.’s Real Roots

Exploration of the Entire Historical Roots and Training of A.A. Cofounders in Vermont

Dick B.

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There is much to be learned, absorbed, discussed, and passed on to those who still suffer from alcoholism and addiction. And it has to do with God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. It has to do with their role in early A.A. people and organizations, and the founding and program of early A.A. An d it certainly has to do with restoring this option to full view in today’s recovery scene in general and Anonymous Fellowships in particular. Moreover, it is centered around the Vermont origins of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Our September workshops will help you tie together thoroughly tangled and ignored Christian upbringing and training of our cofounders as youngsters in Vermont. What training? What upbringing? Where in Vermont? Who was involved?

First, Bill Wilson learned of his grandfather Willie (the alcoholic), Willie’s ascent to Mount Aeolus in East Dorset, his conversion and cure of alcoholism which he related to his entire church. Second, the deep involvement of Bill’s grandparents — the Griffiths and theWilsons–in East Dorset Congregational Church – which still lies between the Griffith House and the Wilson House in East Dorset. Third, the involvement of Bill’s parents, their marriage in, and their first home in the parsonage of East Dorset Congregational Church. Fourth, Bill’s attendance at that church, its Sunday school, its sermons, hymns, Scripture teaching, prayers, conversion meetings, temperance meetings, revivals, and tent meetings. Next, Bill’s study of the Bible with his grandfather Griffith. Then Bill’s attendance at Burr and Burton Academy (in nearby Manchester), the daily required chapel (he attended with his girl-friend Bertha Bamford). the required prayers and Sunday school preparations, the attendance at Manchester Congregational Church, the presidency of the YMCA by Bill, the presidency of t he YWCA by his girl friend Bertha, and the four year required Bible study Bill took there.

Then there’s Bill’s life-time friend Ebby Thacher. Ebby’s family had five generations of clergy in its lineage. It had connections with the Episcopal, Presbyterian, and First Reformed churches. Ebby boarded with the pastor (Rev. Sidney Perkins) of the First Congregational Church of Manchester while he and Bill were attending Burr and Burton . Bill and Ebby both attended Norwich Military Academy in Northfield–where there was required daily chapel (with sermons, Scripture, hymns, and prayers); where there was Bible study and required church attendance, and where there was substantial Young Men’s Christian Association presence and activity.

In Manchester, Glastenbury, and Bennington, Bill received much Christian instruction about Christ , the Bible, and the importance of prayer f rom the Reverend Perkins family, Shep Cornell, Cebra Graves, and Rowland Hazard.

And there will be two new books about these things – ready in draft form at the workshops.

What about Dr. Bob? Lots more to learn–particularly about the similarity of the Christian and Bible training Bill, Ebby, and Bob all had in Vermont. See Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous http://www.dickb.com/drbobofaa.shtml. It thoroughly covers the Congregational beliefs, participation, and instructions from Bob’s parents, North Congregational church creeds and confessions and sermons and Bible teaching and Sunday school, and Christian Endeavor Society and Young Men’s Christian Association. Also the entire agenda at St. Johnsbury Academy — daily chapel, required church attendance, required Bible study, prayer sessions, Young Men’s Christian Association, and classes.

With our group in Vermont, we will be preparing and discussing and putting together–for the first time–this entire scene. And we will cover the influence of the Great Awakening of 1875, the evangelists, YMCA brethren , rescue missions, Salvation Army, United Christian Endeavor Society, and early Oxford Group roots and practices.

For details, contact dickb@dickb.com, 808 874 4876

Burlington, St. Johnsbury, Northfield, Manchester, and East Dorset will give you the first important opportunity to see the entire Christian upbringing of Dr. Bob, Bill Wilson, Bertha Bamford, Ebby Thacher and others as catalyzed by their common friendships and beliefs as youngsters.

See http://MauiHistorian.Blogspot.com

Gloria Deo


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Uses pen name Dick B.: Writer, Historian, Retired attorney, Bible student, CDAAC, and active and recovered A.A. member with over 25 years of continuous sobriety. Published 42 titles and over 650 articles on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Christian Recovery Movement. www.dickb.com
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