First Century Christianity Applied to Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery Today. Volunteers Needed

First Century Christianity:
Documented from A.A. General Service Conference-Approved Literature, and
Applied in Recovery Today

Dick B. & Associates
(Dick B., Author and Historian; Ken B., Executive Producer)
© 2013 Anonymous. All rights reserved

How you can help us immensely as a volunteer who can provide either technical assistance; clerical capability; website design, search engine optimization, and maintenance; personal contacts and communications; and social media outreach

What We Have Which Cries for Volunteer Assistance

We have produced 46 titles, 1,500 articles, thousands of blog items, hundreds of newsletters, radio interviews and talks, and YouTube presentations. We have published material on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, In the Rooms, and Cyber Recovery Social materials (among many others). We have done research and investigations; we have visited historical sites, archives, libraries, and private collections; and we have developed support organizations and presented conferences.

Our materials are included in several recovery library collections at The Wilson House in East Dorset, Vermont; at Dr. Bob’s North Congregational Church of St. Johnsbury, Vermont; in the traveling exhibits of Ray G. (long-time archivist at Dr. Bob’s Home in Akron); at Calvary Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Akron; at the Seiberling Gate Lodge in Akron, Ohio; at Brown University; at A.A. General Services in New York; in A.A. state archives; at various treatment facilities and organizations.

In total, our materials represent 27 years of experience in A.A., programs, conferences, books, collecting historical manuscripts and papers, distribution of over 200,000 books, and frequent telephone calls, emails, Facebook and Twitter messages, forums, and travels.

The Volunteers Who Have Helped Us through the Years

Among the volunteers who have helped us over the years are many of the 100 or more A.A. men and women I have sponsored, treatment program, archivists and librarians, young men (e.g., a computer, web, and graphics expert from California; a marketing talent from the Los Angeles area; individual AAs from Canada, Vermont, Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii, Texas, New York, and more; a very talented researcher, writer, and author writer who was here on Maui for a number of months; a philanthropist sponsee on Maui who provided funds, office space, and endless pieces of work; a strong A.A. young man who served as cook, trainer, dietitian, mover, driver; and several men and women who actually lived in a sponsee home here on Maui and served as a fellowship, sponsors, Bible students, and general helpers.

But Now We Are Embarking upon a New, Demanding Outreach Program

We hope to have helpers who are good with computers, graphics, web, research, writing, hands-on, contact, knowledgeable Christians and Bible students, interns, communicators, advisors, knowledgeable marketing and advertising talent, communication skills, Christian viewpoints and recovery experience and success, plus knowledgeable recovery leaders, workers, and newcomers.

Our task now is to recruit and be helped by every kind of outreach workers to condense, design, distribute, disseminate information about, and use the Internet, radio, TV, webinars, personal meetings, traveling seminars and conferences—all to the end of serving and glorifying God, and providing needed information and resources for alcoholics, drug addicts, other addicted people, trainers, facilitators, recovery pastors, physicians, clergy, counselors, interventionists, and treatment leaders, workers, and newcomers.

And we deeply hope for physical help, whether on Hawaii, on the Mainland or in other countries, through computers and phones and emails.

Better still, your suggestions plus your free help can be of great assistance in our outreach efforts. Fund-raising has never been our focus because we have had so many benefactors assist financially; but individual honoraria, stipends, donations, and hands-on help are a true blessing still.


Richard G. Burns (Dick B.)
PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837
1-808-874-4876;; http://www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition;;; Facebook, Twitter,


About mauihistorian

Uses pen name Dick B.: Writer, Historian, Retired attorney, Bible student, CDAAC, and active and recovered A.A. member with over 25 years of continuous sobriety. Published 42 titles and over 650 articles on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Christian Recovery Movement.
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