The Dick B. Papers: Stick With the Winners! Who were They?

Stick with the Winners! In A.A. Who Are They?

Dick B.

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Here’s What One Winner – Bill Wilson – Said


For example, a fellow came to Dr. Bob and said, “I’m an alcoholic; here is my history. But I also have this other ‘complication.’

“Can I join A.A.?

I remember how perfectly Bob put it out to all the other deacons, while the poor guy waited.

Finally,  there was some kind of hearing on it among the self-appointed elders. I remember how perfectly Bob put it to them.

He reminded us that most of us were practicing Christians. Then he asked, “What would the Master have thought? Would He have kept this man away?”

He had them cold!

The man came in, was a prodigious worker, and was one of our most respected people.”

The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous: Biographical Sketches Their Last Major Talks, page 30.


About mauihistorian

Uses pen name Dick B.: Writer, Historian, Retired attorney, Bible student, CDAAC, and active and recovered A.A. member with over 25 years of continuous sobriety. Published 42 titles and over 650 articles on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Christian Recovery Movement.
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