About Dick B., AA Historian, Writer, Retired attorney, Bible Student, Recovered AA

Dick B. is an active, recovered member of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous with more than 26 years of continuous sobriety. He is a writer, historian, retired attorney, Bible student, CDAAC, and has published forty-four titles and over eleven hundred articles on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Christian Recovery Movement. He is Executive Director of International Christian Recovery Coalition www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition.com. With his son Ken, he hosts the important new radio site (with videos, audios, radio programs, interviews, and talks by recovered Christian AAs with substantial sobriety. www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com. You can find his comments on http://MauiHistorian.Blogspot.com; http://Twitter/#!/DickB_Maui; and https://www.Facebook.com/MauiHistorian. Dick maintains a large number of blogs which can be accessed through his main website http://www.dickb.com. And he receives emails, postal communications, and phone calls from all over the world concerning A.A. history, the biblical roots of A.A., the early A.A. Christian fellowship, and how to help the newcomer today, as well as those who suffer because of his affliction.

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